Rosettex Technology & Ventures Group to manage project for the Open Source eXtraordinary Program.

ImageLinks Inc. announced that it has received a contract from the National Technology Alliance (NTA) for the creation of a plan for introducing open source software development practices into government programs.

The contract, specified at more than $250,000 will assist ImageLinks in the creation of an initial plan for an Open Source eXtraordinary Program (OSXP) that will provide an organizational interface between traditional government programs and open source software projects and companies. The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) manages the NTA program as the Executive Agent for the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

This latest award marks the third contract that ImageLinks has received from the NTA, dating back to 1994, for a total of $1.5 million. The NTA project is managed by Rosettex Technology & Ventures Group, a joint venture between Sarnoff Corporation and SRI International.

ImageLinks will work with the Open Source Software Institute and various companies supporting open source software development in the development of the plan.

Rosettex, formed earlier this year, was awarded a procurement agreement to advance three technology areas of critical interest to the Intelligence Community, Military Services, and Department of Defense: (1) Geographic Intelligence (2) Information Processing, Analysis, and Management; and (3) Digital Technology Infrastructure.

ImageLinks recently completed the Open Source Prototype Research project for NIMA demonstrating the technical superiority of open source software development methodologies. One of the challenges identified in that study was how to take advantage of open source software methodologies within the framework of traditional government programs. It was recommended that an Open Source eXtraordinary Program be established to provide the necessary interface between the two approaches. The OSXP study will develop a plan on how to best proceed.

Open Source Software is a new paradigm for technology development. The source code is made available to the users of the technology allowing rapid innovation, collaboration, improved security, and more robust solutions. ImageLinks has adopted an open source business model providing highly leveraged technical solutions to its customers. ImageLinks provides advanced services and technology in the areas of Image Processing, Mapping and Geographic Information Systems.