Maporama, the leading provider of online location-centric solutions, unveils the new version of its showcase website - Taking time out from illustrating the ideal journey-planning tool for business travellers, the new is a live demo of Maporama's technology.

Increased efficiency and ease of use via a new interface Building upon the company corporate website's look & feel, the new site now offers yet more seamless and easy navigation. Internet users can still access the functionalities that made originally made Maporama famous as the leader of geocentric information, by providing the answers to key geographical questions such as: "Where is this address?", "What is the best way to get there?" and "What can I find near this address?" offers multiple advantages:

  • Multi-modal itinerary generation combining different transportation modes (on foot, subway and by car) in a single itinerary
  • Multiple possibilities for personalizing map display (size, style, and colour of the generated map) to provide high-level user comfort
  • Availability in 26 languages
  • Multiple map export functionalities (email, PDA, printer, fax¿)

Most extensive geographic coverage on the market At the new, Internet users access the most complete cartographic coverage available anywhere online - roadmaps are available for all countries in the world and street level maps cover cities across four continents catering for a total population of over 1 billion consumers.

A truly live demonstration of Maporama's technology The new version of was developed using Maporama Locator Products (Maporama's pre-packaged products) and Maporama Chameleon - the company's proprietary integration technology, which allows for fast and flexible look & feel personalization to conform with clients graphical requirements. In the new left and right-hand columns, text areas have now been added to present Maporama's product range as the user navigates. User interface is now handled entirely by Maporama Centralized Architecture, the new unified architecture of Maporama's geocentric engines, making all changes to Maporama's engines available immediately to customers. Consequently, is now a truly live demo where visitors are able to test Maporama products and functionalities, and at the same time obtain precise information on Maporama technology.