Leica Geosystems Adds Reflectorless Measuring Technology To Full Line Of Survey Total Stations

Leica Geosystems will offer long-range reflectorless measuring technology as a standard feature on its full line of TPS700 and TPS1100 series surveying total stations. Construction grade total stations will continue to be available with standard reflectorless capability.

Leica’s unique reflectorless electronic distance measuring (EDM) technology uses an extremely narrow visible laser beam to mark the target precisely and measure the distance utilizing patented phase-shift techniques. The narrow laser beam provides a very small “footprint,” even at extended ranges, permitting very precise distance measurements to sharp edges and corners.

Kevin Fleet, LS, director of surveying for Capital Development and Design, Inc., of Alexandria, Virginia, is typical of surveyors who have been using the Leica reflectorless technology. He estimates that it can reduce the time on certain jobs by up to 75%. “With the reflectorless EDM and automatic targeting, we are able to make measurements to inaccessible points on a construction site accurately and safely, and monitor structures from a long distance without the need for a person with a prism at the point to be measured,” he said. “It makes it easier and faster for us to plan and bid work more accurately, and it allows us to adopt new methods of monitoring that didn’t exist before.”

Leica Geosystems will offer a retrofit program to upgrade existing instruments with the reflectorless technology, according to Baertlein, who also noted that non-reflectorless models will continue to be available on special order.