GeoTango International released SilverEye V2.0 for Windows 2000/XP/NT platforms. SilverEye enables users to extract 3D models from one commercial high-resolution satellite image and eliminates the need for stereo pairs in 3D visualization and modeling. When users choose to work in stereo mode they can use an image pair from two different satellites. SilverEye also supports a full range of functions for mapping, editing, annotating, attributing and outputting features or GIS layers. This reduces image purchasing requirements and lowers start-up costs. Collecting 3D measurements from a single image saves users the expense of purchasing a stereo pair. Users can also take full advantage of the increased geospatial accuracy of high resolution imagery due to sensor camera model support for both QuickBird and IKONOS satellites. (GeoTango International, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)