Diversified Brands announced improvements to its Krylon Industrial Quik-Mark Solvent-Based Fluorescent Orange Inverted Marking Paint. The enhanced formulation provides a color-fast, accurate mark until the mark has weathered away.

"Other fluorescent orange marking paints have been found to fade quickly," stated Patricia Redding, R&D manager at Diversified Brands. "This becomes a great inefficiency and even a danger in construction applications, as the lighter colors to which the paint fades can be mistaken for markings with altogether different meaning."

Quik-Mark inverted marking chalks are designed to last up to 30 days on common outdoor surfaces such as roads, pavements, gravel, soil and grass, and markings can also be removed from hard surfaces with a wire brush and water. Typical applications include construction, excavation, ground marking, communication line installation, electrical installation, utilities marking, and surveying. Featuring the patented Spray-Thru cap and non-clogging spray tip, Quik-Mark inverted marking chalks are quick and easy to apply. The VOC and MIR-compliant formulations are available in 20-ounce cans.

Source: Diversified Brands, May 4, 2004