Success story illustrates how mobile 3D design software from GiveMePower saves time, improves customer service and increases profits for business.

A new feature article in Pocket PC Magazine illustrates how businesses such as Into Design Group of West Jordan, Utah, are saving time, improving customer service, and increasing profits using PowerCAD® CE from GiveMePower Corporation on Pocket PC computers running Microsoft's Windows CE mobile operating system.

Highlighting PowerCAD's unique ability to deliver workstation power on a Pocket PC, the success story describes how Into Design is able to save multiple steps in the design and manufacturing of trade show booths by providing customers with accurate three-dimensional views and renderings of proposed displays on a handheld computer, ensuring the customer understands the proposal before the physical product exists and avoiding the inconvenience of a laptop computer.

Into Design has joined numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Maytag Corporation and General Dynamics Corporation, as well as America's top governmental institutions including the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and multiple branches of the U.S. Military, who are taking advantage of PowerCAD CE's combination of power, size and direct compatibility with desktop leader AutoCAD, to mobilize their workforces.

In addition to its PowerCAD CE mobile/wireless CAD solutions, GiveMePower's product offerings include PowerCAD Pro and PowerCAD LT+ for Windows desktop computing, and PowerCAD Architect, a new user-friendly software system that automates 2 and 3-dimensional design for small, medium and large-scale enterprises involved in residential building design and light commercial construction.