Mattracks Offers Rubber Track Conversion Systems

Mattracks rubber track conversion systems can meet your most challenging remote work site access needs. Surveyors often face the challenge of getting a crew and equipment vehicles to remote work sites. Using a MATTRACKS equipped vehicle, you can get your crew, supplies or maintenance equipment to the job site in the worst conditions.

MATTRACKS provides mobility and traction in mud, sand, snow, swamps and bog, getting you on site when access roads can no longer be traveled by tire equipped vehicles. MATTRACKS can travel over rugged terrain with ease, giving you less impact on your vehicle, keeping down vehicle repair and replacement costs.

MATTRACKS have proven capable and are gaining popularity in industries that require travel to work sites over difficult terrain, providing reliable access to work sites important to your daily operations. The molded rubber track is formulated to provide extended wear, smooth ride, trouble free operation and performance even in extreme conditions.

MATTRACKS offers rubber track conversion solutions for a variety of vehicles, tractors, trailers and implements, with 15 models to select from, they have a solution for the most unique application.

The Super Duty Model MATTRACKS has been tested and developed in conjunction with commercial uses for trucks up to 15,000 lb. gross vehicle weight and can be placed on trucks as large as the Ford F550. With the Mattracks 105 and 150 Series track systems you can equip most any 4 wheel drive vehicle from a small SUV up to 1 1/2 ton trucks.

Track-Tor-Assist when used on 4 wheel drive and front wheel assist tractors provides needed traction and flotation over wet muddy terrain, soft soil and on snow. Track-Tor-Assist rubber track conversions for tractors are designed for use on four wheel drive and front wheel assist tractors up to 90 HP with a GVW of up to 10,500 lbs.

Trail-R-Mate rubber track conversions are used to replace non-driven wheels on trailers, farm implement, tractors and many other pull-behind commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. With a recommended GVW of 10,000 lbs. Trail-R-Mate can extend the usability of many types of equipment when flotation and low soil compaction are important considerations.


  • Fits most 4x4 vehicles to 1-1/2 tons
  • can sustain 40 mph speeds on hard surfaces
  • requires about 30 minutes to change between tires and MATTRACKS
  • as low as 1.5 psi. ground pressure
  • cost effective, for a small fraction of the cost of a dedicated full track vehicle you can equip several crew vans, pick-ups or 1-1/2 ton trucks with MATTRACKS

MATTRACKS, the most technologically advanced, independent, rubber track system found anywhere in the world, are manufactured in Karlstad Minnesota and sold world wide. Fifteen rubber track system models available used for recreation, work, commercial and agricultural applications. For information, contact MATTRACKS Inc. at 218-436-7000 or visit their website at

LiteFoot ATV Rubber Tracks

Get more from your ATV at the job site with LiteFoot ATV Rubber Tracks ATVs are becoming a popular support vehicle at many work sites, and for those areas where tires are just not enough to get you where you need to go, we introduce LiteFoot the ATV rubber track conversion system. LiteFoot tracks bolt onto your ATV in place of the wheels, giving your ATV, "tank like" mobility over most any terrain.

This easy-to-install, patented ATV rubber track conversion system can turn most any 4X4 ATV into a fully tracked 4 "track" drive, all terrain vehicle in about the same amount of time it takes to change wheels.

LiteFoot earns its namesake by delivering an average 3/4 psi surface pressure, this provides incredible flotation over soft terrain like, sand, snow and mud with minimal soil compression. This low ground pressure does not sacrifice traction, with an average 1320 square inches total surface contact, LiteFoot gives you unbelievable traction without tearing up the soil.

The exclusive LiteFoot SCS System, a ground-hugging track suspension adjusts to the terrain without the loss of track tension, forming to the terrain and maintaining traction.

Can't quite "get over" the idea of having an ATV with tracks?

With LiteFoot tracks installed on your ATV you can "get over" a lot of obstacles. Gain an average of 4 inches in extra clearance, allowing most sport utility ATVs will easily clear 12 inches of ground clutter. Along with added clearance, you gain a wider and longer wheel base lowering your center of gravity for more ride stability.

For work or play, LiteFoot tracks can be enjoyed all year round in mud, snow, sand, through swamps and rough terrain, LiteFoot ATV tracks will get you out there and back again.

For more information visit: or Call 218-436-6000.