Over the course of the past 5 years there has been an ongoing and dynamic discussion about the need for a Code of Ethics for GIS Professionals. Earlier this month URISA placed a draft version of its new Code of Ethics at the following link: http://www.urisa.org/ethics/code_of_ethics.htm

The above link is the culmination of concerned dialogue across a broad spectrum of GIS professionals. This draft of the GIS Code of Ethics was developed as an independent effort, with the intent of creating a document that would be good for the profession as a whole.

Similar to the Certification initiative, URISA and the numerous individuals who helped draft and critique this code are seeking public review and comment. A detailed description of both the purpose and nature of this code are described in its introduction. Please feel free to make general or specific comments in the threaded guestbook. When making specific comments, it would be useful if one could refer to code statements by number.

URISA asks that you make all your comments before July 31. After this point the Code will be removed from the website so that necessary revisions can be made.