The Series30R brings enhanced accuracy in distance and angle measurement to the field, along with added convenience.

Sokkia Corporation, a leading manufacturer and distributor of complete measurement solutions for the worldwide surveying industry, is proud to introduce a powerful, new line of reflectorless total stations -- the Series 30R. The Series 30R is available in 3 models, SET 330R, SET530R, and SET630R ( 3-, 5-, and 6-seconds). The Series30R is most notable for bringing enhanced accuracy in distance and angle measurement to the field, along with added convenience.

The Series 30R’s extremely narrow, visible, red laser truly sets it apart. With its small diameter, the laser pinpoints and accurately measures difficult positions such as small objects, edges of walls, or targets located at a steep angle. In addition, the Series 30R can measure through obstacles such as chain-link fences and trees – something total stations with broader EDM beams cannot achieve. This can eliminate having to enter private property when measuring remote distances.

The Series 30R’s measurement range is also worth noting. Without a reflector, it measures over 328 feet every 1.3 seconds with 3mm + 2ppm accuracy. If a glass prism is used, its range increases up to 16,000 ft. with 2 mm + 2 ppm accuracy. All this performance is made possible by an easy-to-handle, Class 2 laser beam.

An array of new features makes the Series 30R extremely user-friendly. For example, when the instrument’s illumination key is continuously pressed it emits the visible laser beam, allowing the operator to sight the target without actually measuring the distance. That way, the user can confirm a measuring point without having to look through the telescope! Target selection is easy, with on-the-fly selection of target types. Users can select Prisms, Reflective Sheets, or Prismless with the press of a button.

To facilitate even faster operation and easier data input, Series 30R operators can use an optional SF14 wireless keyboard outfitted with alphanumeric keys (SET330R/530R). In addition, the two, small Lithium Ion batteries provide ten hours of nonstop measurement time (SET330R/530R).

Series 30R’s internal memory stores an impressive 10,000 points of measurement data. Its memory capacity becomes virtually limitless if the optional memory card unit is installed for use with compact flash-memory cards (SET330R/530R). This allows the operator to conveniently record and store data from multiple work sites.

The Series 30R models employ Sokkia’s original absolute encoders for stable and reliable angle measurement. And finally, the instruments are packaged in durable bodies that offer IP66 environmental protection. This ensures their dependable operation under the adverse conditions found on most construction sites, such as dust, humidity and rain.