Solution features award-winning technology to collect position and attribute data.

LinksPoint Inc., a leader in location information systems today announced the introduction of its newest mobile data product - Field Data Collector. Field Data Collector is a cost-effective, tightly integrated solution for capturing item attribute, Global Positioning System (GPS) position and timestamp data using ruggedized handheld computers and LinksPoint's GlobalPoint GPS receivers.

LinksPoint's Field Data Collector package is built around three key components:

  • Field Data Collector Software Suite - Includes desktop platform offering easy menu configuration and data management, plus handheld client software that provides integrated GPS location capture and barcode scanning. Field Data Collector files are ODBC compliant allowing importation into any backend database including Geographic Information Systems.
  • GlobalPoint GPS Receiver - Featuring industry leading GPS performance.Ruggedized Handheld Data Terminal - LinksPoint's Field Data Collector package supports Pocket PC-based mobile data terminals offering superior computing performance, barcode scanning and the ruggedness to stand up to hard field use.
  • Field Data Collector offers a wide range of uses across many industries, including all field industries, utilities, telecom, municipalities, homeland security, public safety, forestry, farming and logistics.

Field Data Collector benefits:

  • Quick and simple implementation
  • Integrated GPS position capture
  • Configurable attribute menus
  • Simple user interface with barcode scanning for data entry
  • All-in-one hardware decreases complexity and data transfer errors.
  • Expandable platform supports multiple field and in-vehicle applications.
  • URISA 2002 International Exemplary System in Government Award-winning technology used by FDNY at Ground Zero.