John Chwalibog will represent the new 3D laser-scanning product for the survey and civil engineering markets.

The Trimble Engineering and Construction division announced the appointment of John Chwalibog as Eastern regional sales representative for Callidus, their new 3D laser-scanning product for the survey and civil engineering markets.

John has 11 years of extensive sales and product management experience in the survey and civil engineering markets. He will focus on the establishment and development of our Trimble Callidus distribution network.

The laser scanner’s innovative technology allows detailed surveys of complex structures to be done in less time than traditional methods. The Callidus 3D laser scanner is a computerized three-dimensional, 360˚ laser scanning system with an integrated video camera. The servo-driven system uses a non-contact infrared laser pulse as well as angle and tilt sensors to take accurate 3D measurements of enclosed spaces such as rooms and tunnels. The laser scanner automatically rotates and collects coordinates of as-built conditions in significant detail, and creates precise models of the space. It also offers the ease of transferring data to a large number of CAD packages, such as Autocadd, Microstation and Trimble’s Terramodel software packages to render final drawings. Callidus 3D laser scanner applications include:

  • Tunneling construction and maintenance
  • Facility and industrial management
  • Construction monitoring
  • Maintenance and monitoring of bridges and highways
  • Intricate building construction

Unlike other laser scanners on the market today, the Callidus 3D laser scanner covers a full field of view, sweeping 360 degrees horizontally and from + 90 degrees to – 60 degrees vertically. The laser scanner is a Class 1 laser, which makes it completely safe to use in public areas.