New batch processing and 3D+ capabilities make Imagenation the ideal choice for handling information throughout the entire document life cycle.

Spicer Corporation announced the release of Imagenation 7.1 with several new features that include a versatile batch processing utility, enhanced Imagenation 3D+ capabilities, and new color scanning for Contex and Vidar scanners.

Imagenation 7.1 continues to expand on Spicer's leading position as a full-featured universal viewer for the entire document life cycle. By combining powerful document scanning, batch cleanup, batch conversion, viewing, markup, and printing capabilities, Imagenation lets any business easily access, distribute, and review information throughout the enterprise and with key business partners.

New features in Imagenation 7.1 include: ** Easy-to-use Batch Processor: Available for several editions, Imagenation's batch processing capabilities let users automate document cleanup, cropping, conversion, thumbnail creation and the addition of stamps and banners for many images at once.

Enhanced 3D+ Formats and Functions: Support for Pro Engineer files has been expanded to include Pro/E 2000i, 2000i2, and 2001 files. New functions include a robust model dimensioning tool, cumulative model measurements, and enhanced 3D model print and rasterization for faster and higher quality results.

Load Large JPEG2000 and MrSID files FAST: Imagenation 7.1 quickly loads full screen preview images of highly compressed JPEG2000 and MrSID files. The detail level of the document can be increased or decreased with just a mouse click for razor sharp image quality.

ActiveX Plug-in for Internet Explorer: Based on Spicer's Image aX controls, the Imagenation Plug-in lets users view and print over 200 file formats from Microsoft's popular Internet Explorer Web browser.

Enhanced AutoCAD support: Use Imagenation to search AutoCAD files for text and CAD entities. Support for OLE-embedded objects and recognition of 3D data is also improved.

Write Files to JPEG2000 and PDF: Save documents to JPEG2000 and enjoy the benefits of highly compressed raster images. Imagenation also lets users save multipage raster images to multipage PDF documents.

Imagenation is available in several editions and offers a robust API for tight integrations to EDM, ECM, PDM, PLM, and ERP systems. As part of Spicer's universal viewing solutions, Imagenation benefits from the ability to view over 200 electronic file formats and is capable of interoperable markup sharing with ViewCaf¿a Java-2-powered thin client viewer, and Image aX ActiveX controls. The interoperable viewing and markup capabilities of Spicer universal viewers gives businesses of any size the ability to deploy the Spicer solution, or combination of solutions that best fits with its business processes.