Companies to provide comprehensive North American coverage.

Two digital map database leaders announced an expansion of their strategic alliance that will significantly enhance their position as the world's leading provider of highly accurate map data for North America. By combining their strengths, Tele Atlas North America Inc., the U.S. arm of the world leader in digital mapping, Tele Atlas NV, and premier provider of digital map databases and real-time traffic information for the U.S., and DMTI Spatial Inc., Canada's leading spatial solutions data and software provider, will become the only source for a comprehensive navigable map database of the United States and Canada.

The single-source map data solution will be a combination of Tele Atlas North America's MultiNet (USA) and DMTI Spatial's CanMapr, the most comprehensive nationwide road networks available for the United States and Canada, respectively. The seamed network provides approximately 7,298,200 miles [6.39 million US (Tele Atlas) + 908,200 miles Canada (DMTI Spatial)] of roadway coverage for all of North America.

The combined database will include, among other features:

  • Enhanced points of interest layers,
  • Superior positional accuracy and detailed representation,
  • Seamless cross-country routing and geographic analysis,
  • Detailed attribution, and Coast-to-coast coverage.