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Editor’s Note May 2002

We have a president and vice president of our little company here. We also have two employees who receive POB and your Lieca’s Book of Ways to Retain Employees, Volume 1 is a hit! So I have taken the responsibility to take the two issues we have, fold them so your article is what you see, and placed them right square in the middle of the president’s and vice president’s desk. Now let us see what happens.

Ron Campbell
Oxford, Miss.

The Business Side June 2002

As a minor note concerning the article by Milton Denny in the June 2002 issue of POB, I couldn’t agree more with his assessment of the work (or lack thereof) by the surveyor Mr. Denny refers to in his piece. In my career, I have seen corners cut and cash demanded for a level of effort that is embarrassing in its scale and bordering on larcenous in its intent—beautifully presented in CAD! On the other hand I have seen effort above and beyond by surveyors attempting to satisfy not only the client, but themselves in an effort to make their ultimate product one of integrity and honesty—laboriously drawn in pen and ink! Admittedly, the CAD version in more modern and has uniformity that makes it appealing to the eye, among other advantages. We should never forget that sometimes beauty is only skin deep.

Ulrich Besemann, LS
Via E-mail

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