ImageSat Reduces Prices of Archived Satellite Imagery By 50 Percent

high-resolution satellite imagery can be commercially purchased for only $5 per square kilometer and delivered within one week, when ordered from ImageSat International’s web-based imagery archive. The Company announced today that it is slashing its prices by 50% in an unprecedented effort to put high-resolution EROS A imagery in the hands of commercial organizations and private individuals.

The new commercial promotion enables customers to sub-select portions of archived imagery as small as five square kilometers for a minimum fee of $25.

To order EROS imagery from the ImageNet Archive:

  • Go to
  • If you have not already registered, click on “New Users Free Registration” under “ARCHIVE” on the left.
  • Complete the form and submit. You will promptly receive a password by email.
  • Go back to “LOGON”, click to receive the prompt, insert your new user name and password, submit, and begin to browse and order.