2003 ESRI International User Conference Call for Papers

The Twenty-third Annual ESRI International User Conference will be held July 7-11, 2003, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California, USA.

Call for Paper Abstracts
Abstract Submissions are now being accepted online. It is time to begin collecting ideas for paper presentations and ESRI depends on users contributions. Submission Deadline: November 1, 2002.

Share Your Knowledge
The ESRI International User Conference offers a wealth of software and technology information from ESRI staff, exhibitors, users, and business partners. But the core information about real-world applications of geographic information system (GIS) software comes from you, the ESRI user community. Each year, knowledgeable and experienced users present more than 1,000 papers at the User Conference. Papers cover a wide range of subjects from implementation processes and organizational issues to project results and lessons learned along the way. All users who present their papers at the conference can have their paper published on the Web and in the conference proceedings on a CD-ROM.

Agenda Committee and Track Leader Review
Every abstract is read by the Agenda Committee and is accepted or rejected for presentation. All accepted abstracts are organized into categories known as tracks. They are then forwarded to track leaders. Track leaders are knowledgeable in specific industry or application areas. Track leaders review the accepted abstracts and make the assignment to a moderated session, individual presentation, or panel discussion.

Types of Paper Sessions
Moderated Sessions
A moderated session is a collection of three or four user papers that are presented in a single, 90-minute time period. Papers in a moderated session share a particular theme or focus. In these shared sessions a presenter will have approximately 15-20 minutes to present. A moderator is present to facilitate the session and to ensure that each speaker has an equal allotment of time.

Individual Sessions
An individual session is a dedicated 30-minute time slot for presentation of a single paper. A paper is eligible for individual presentation if it is the only paper on a particular topic, is directed to a niche audience, or is a topic that needs a guaranteed 30-minute time slot for presentation. Eligible authors will be notified on how they can sign up for a day, time, and room for their presentation. There is a limited amount of space available for individual presentations.

You may request to be placed in either a moderated session or an individual presentation; however, the final decision will remain with the Agenda Committee and track leaders.

Moderated Versus Individual
The quality of papers is the same in moderated and individual sessions. Papers in moderated sessions get a division of time based on how many papers are grouped into the session. Authors assigned to moderated sessions are informed of the day and time the paper will be presented. Individual papers have a guaranteed 30-minute time slot. Authors assigned to individual sessions may select the day and time of their presentation. Individual presentations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Panel Discussions
A panel discussion is an open 90-minute discussion on a specific topic. You, as the submitter, will be considered the lead panelist and will facilitate the discussion and keep the session on time. If you wish to submit a panel discussion, please enter "Panel Discussion" within the title of your submission and include a list of the panelists of your choice at the beginning of the abstract.

Give your paper an interesting title (limit 10 words). Be sure your title mentions the type of category or industry for which the paper is best suited. In your 50-100 word description, mention what type of organization you represent. This will help users of similar size organizations or with similar goals choose to attend your presentation. State the essence of the issue or problem and what steps or actions were used to address it. Tell us why your paper will make a difference for the people who will attend your presentation.

Tell ESRI About You!
Please submit a short biography including your professional title, degree, training, publications, pertinent work history, and any other information you feel is important for us to know. Please limit it to 25 words or less.

How to Submit Your Idea for a Paper
To present a paper at the conference you must be a user of ESRI software. The process begins with an online submission form. This form requires author contact information along with a 50-100 word abstract of the topic to be covered. A return e-mail address is required for anyone who uses the online submission form. This is the best (and fastest) way for us to send correspondence and updates to paper authors. The deadline for submitting this form is November 1, 2002.


  • You must be an authorized ESRI software user or business partner.
  • Your title may not exceed 10 words.
  • Your abstract cannot be longer than 100 words.
  • No more than four abstracts can be submitted by the same company or department within an organization.
  • At no time is it permissible for a paper presenter to use his/her paper or presentation time slot to advertise or promote a product, service, or company or department within an organization.
  • Do not write in all CAPITAL LETTERS. The information you enter into the database is used for publishing purposes (i.e., Web site, agenda, CD-ROM). Paper submissions and presentations must be in English.
  • No bullet points or numbering should be used. Due to the large number of submissions, there is a limited number of presentation slots available.
  • It is not guaranteed that all authors of accepted papers will be able to present.

Submission Policy for ESRI Business Partners If you are a business partner and you intend to submit a paper abstract on a topic which involves a commercial product or service of your company, the primary author of the paper must be your client or customer. You may be the secondary author but not the primary. Papers submitted contrary to this policy will be rejected.

Visit http://www.esri.com/events/uc/index.html for more information.