Clients in private and public sectors can now private label through Internet-based mapping service.

Engineering firms, GIS solution providers and consulting groups can now private label the popular BeyondGeo service. BeyondGeo, the popular Internet-based mapping service from Blue Marble Geographics, Gardiner, Maine is now available to resellers through a private label program.

Two recent partners in the reseller program are - The Taurean Group of Belgium, Wis., and Business Management Systems Inc (BMSI) of Franconia, N.H. BeyondGeo's reseller program will allow them to private label BeyondGeo and deliver an Internet mapping service with their own brand to their clients in both private and public sectors.

BeyondGeo is a cost-effective alternative to expensive in-house Internet Map Servers (IMS). Typical IMS projects can cost upwards of $100,000 and take months to deploy. BeyondGeo is competitively priced as an annual subscription service, with no hardware or software to purchase, making it extremely attractive to most GIS users and professionals.