Z/I Imaging’s product to manage and distribute all geoimaging and project data.

Z/I Imaging Corporation, Huntsville, Ala., announced that Geodis, s.r.o, Czech Republic, selected TerraShare as its image management, production and distribution system. TerraShare combines a client/server image management and distribution system with a high-performance imaging engine to quickly provide geoimaging data. Geodis, one of the most advanced mapping agencies in Central Europe, implemented TerraShare to manage and distribute all geoimaging and project data across their production workflow. The organization will also use TerraShare e-geo for quick browsing and image distribution via the Internet.

The TerraShare suite of products includes administrative tools to assist with setup, adding and removing disk storage, loading images, archiving, and system monitoring. Using a preferred database, users can track images and associated metadata throughout the enterprise. Users can browse projects and images based on name without knowing the machine, disk, and directory in which the target is located. In addition, TerraShare isolates users from project disturbances caused by moving data between disks or servers.

Geodis, a leading Central European mapping agency, is located in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic. The organization implemented digital photogrammetry in 1994 and has grown to 170 employees providing services to the Czech market as well as 15 other countries. The company has a complete line of Z/I Imaging earth imaging products including a RMK TOP aerial camera, PhotoScan photogrammetric scanner, the full suite of Z/I Imaging digital photogrammetry software for exploitation, and remote sensing tools.