Industry veterans named for Airborne Data Acquisition.

Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping Division appointed of Scott Miller and Dr. Ludger Ullrich as vice presidents of Airborne Data Acquisition in charge of products from the recently acquired LH Systems subsidiary. Miller and Ullrich take on the leadership role of Bruce Wald, outgoing CEO and president of LH Systems, and will report directly to Division President, Bob Morris.

After successfully guiding LH Systems from its foundation to the conclusion of the Leica Geosystems acquisition, Wald opted to leave the company in pursuit of independent projects. Miller, formerly Executive VP of Development at LH Systems, LLC, had also been with LH Systems since the company was established in 1997. Miller takes over the Division's Westford/San Diego operations and LIDAR and photogrammetry products (ALS40, GDM100, DSW500, ORIMA, PRO600, SOCET SETÒ, TopoMouse). Ullrich joined LH Systems in July 2001 as VP and General Manager of LH Systems GmbH and will head the division's Heerbrugg operations and airborne sensor products (RC30, ADS40).

Miller holds BS and MS degrees in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University. His 24 years of broad industry experience include leadership roles in the development of digital photogrammetry, airborne sensor and mission planning systems as well as management of commercial developments such as SOCET SET photogrammetry software, digital image scanning products, and other related software. His career path includes the Defense Mapping Agency (now NIMA), Helava Associates, General Dynamics, LH Systems and Leica Geosystems.

Ullrich completed studies at Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany and has extensive experience working in R & D, corporate technology, project logistics and other management positions. Ullrich was a research scientist in the Corporate Research Lab after BBC became part of the ABB group with the merger of BBC and ASEA. In 1993, Ullrich joined Condis SA as Technical Director and Member of the Management Board and has served as head of the Electronic and Mechanical Sensors and Controls business unit of Trafag AG.