The first product from the Trimble/ESRI alliance allows for seamless integration of hardware and software.

Trimble introduced its first product offering from the recently announced strategic alliance with ESRI for mobile Geographic Information System solutions -- Trimble GPScorrect for ArcPad. The Trimble GPScorrect software extension enables the integration of Trimble's GPS Pathfinder receivers directly within ESRI's ArcPad 6.0 mobile GIS software, which operates on Windows CE and Pocket PC devices.

GPScorrect is the only software extension to provide full GPS receiver control and complete differential correction capability directly within ArcPad 6.0. GPScorrect allows the ArcPad user to configure and monitor GPS and real-time Differential GPS (DGPS) receivers without impacting the user's workflow. Additionally, GPScorrect is the only ArcPad extension capable of storing positions that can be corrected using postprocessing techniques. It retains all corrected positions in ArcPad's native Shapefile format, which saves time in the field and office.

The Trimble GPScorrect for ArcPad extension gives ESRI's ArcPad mobile GIS software the full power and control of GPS, seamlessly. GPScorrect's simple interface complements ArcPad's easy-to-use operation without compromising the needs of the user.

ESRI's ArcPad mobile software enables specialized mapping and data collection in a wide range of industries and applications including power pole maintenance and meter reading for utility companies, vehicle tracking, mineral exploration, habitat studies, crop management and property damage assessment.