The first annual surveying student team competition will be held at the conference this spring.

NSPS will sponsor a surveying student team competition to be held at the annual (spring) conference each year beginning in spring 2002 at Washington, DC. NSPS will provide space for the competition and will award plaques for the top three places as determined by judges selected by NSPS.

One team from any surveying, geomatics, or similarly named degree granting program may compete. NSPS reserves the right to determine if a program is eligible or not. Teams must have at least three and no more than six members. Students other than surveying majors may participate on the team so long as more than 51 percent of the members on the team are surveying/geomatics majors. Participation of non-students, including school faculty or administration members, shall be prohibited. Teams must register with the conference committee or NSPS Student Competition Coordinator to compete and follow the rules for normal conference early registration deadline. Only teams registering to compete by the early registration date may compete. Students will be responsible for providing their travel and lodging expenses at the conference. Students are encouraged to seek support for travel and lodging from their college or university and from their state professional society.

Competition will comprise of a problem, or set of problems, with given constraints to be decided each year by NSPS Education Committee. The problem or problems, along with the constraints, will be sent to each interested college and university and published on the NSPS website. The problems will be made available no later than September 15 preceding the annual conference. Students will study the problem, do appropriate research and solve the problem or problems meeting all of the constraints given with the problem. Students will demonstrate their solution at the annual conference as a team in competition with other student teams. Students are encouraged to use innovation, to think critically and to think “outside the box” for solutions.

Five judges shall be appointed to evaluate the competition. The NSPS Board of Direction shall appoint three judges and the NSPS Board of Governors shall appoint two judges. Judges may serve no more than three consecutive years. Judges may not be selected from a college or university having a team in the competition. All decisions by the judges are final.

The Surveying Student Team Competition is meant to be fun. Unforeseen problems will undoubtedly occur. These problems must be seen as opportunities to strengthen and broaden the competition. Registration deadline is March 19, 2002.

2002 NSPS Student Team Competition Problem

The Romans built a vast network of roads and aqueducts to support their empire. Reconstruct and demonstrate the surveying tools and methods used to build these roads and aqueducts. Points will be given for authenticity of equipment reproduction and for speed and accuracy in surveying the placement of survey stakes for one or more structures at the competition site. The structures must be aligned and leveled. Measurements must be in Roman units. Materials used to make the equipment should be as close to those the Romans used as possible. However, use of modern materials, such as plumb bob string, metal screws, etc., is not discouraged.

Each team must prepare a report documenting the research they performed to obtain their instrument replication/design and measurement system. The report must be turned in with the team application to compete at the 2002 ACSM Conference.

Point system:

25 points – Research report

25 points – Equipment reproduction

50 points – Speed of structure layout

Surveying Student Competition 2002 Entry Form: (MS Word)