Leica Geosystems has introduced the new DNA10 and DNA03 digital levels, providing unprecedented efficiency, functionality and ergonomics.

The DNA10 and DNA03 digital levels provide rapid, accurate solutions for a wide range of leveling applications, from topographic and construction surveys to first-order leveling and monitoring. The DNA10, with accuracy of 0.9 mm per 1 km, is suitable for cadastral and technical leveling. The DNA03 provides 0.3 mm accuracy and is ideal for I and II order leveling and high-precision measurements.

The new-generation digital levels feature a large, bright eight-line display, and an alphanumeric keypad with menu-prompted functionality, adapted from Leica’s popular TPS700 series total stations.

The easy-to-use "Measure and Record" function makes it easy for the operator to measure height differences and perform line leveling and stake outs quickly and accurately. Captured data can be automatically transferred to a PC via a PCMCIA card or a direct RS232 connection. Leica Survey Office software, which comes as standard with the digital levels, controls data exchange, configures the instrument, creates code lists and stake out height lists and maintains the system software. It also permits the user to create custom output formats for a fieldbook-like display. The optional LevelPak-Pro software provides a wide array of advanced features.

The DNA10 and DNA03 are second-generation products from Leica Geosystems, the company that pioneered the first digital levels in 1990. Field trials have demonstrated that Leica digital levels can provide up to 50% timesavings on the job when compared with conventional optomechanical levels.