New division to address diverse natural resource needs of region.

With a plan to augment the services provided by existing offices throughout the United States, EarthData and Aeroterra announced the opening of a Latin American division. This division, as part of EarthData International of Florida, will provide much needed remote sensing, mapping, and GIS services to clients in support of land and natural resource management from Mexico to Argentina.

"The addition of EarthData Latin America to the EarthData family of companies allows us to better address the diverse regional needs of Latin America through offices located in both Miami and Buenos Aires, Argentina," said Bryan Logan, chairman and CEO of EarthData Holdings. "This new division will complement the services already provided to the area by EarthData and our Argentina-based affiliate and partner, Aeroterra, and will bring together a staff of unparalleled expertise in the region."

Eduardo Viola, president of EarthData International of Florida, will manage the division from the Miami office. Carlos Viola, president and managing director of Aeroterra, will oversee operations from Buenos Aires.

"After working together for more than a decade, EarthData and Aeroterra, through the establishment of EarthData Latin America, can once again combine our knowledge and experience base to determine how the geographic information management and decision-making capabilities made possible through advanced mapping and GIS technologies can address the region's extensive land and natural resource management pressures," Carlos Viola said.