Geospatial solution leader PCI Geomatics ( and Supresoft Inc. (, a professional provider of technology and solutions for the extraction, processing, and application of geomatics data, are pleased to announce the formation of a new promotion and distribution agreement. This agreement establishes the equal two-way distribution of their popular geospatial technology products, allowing for greater international market coverage for both companies while presenting customers with new and highly compatible solutions for both analysis and visualization.

PCI Geomatics is celebrating their 20th year as a producer of highly capable yet accessible geospatial solutions for the worldwide geomatics marketplace. Geomatica, PCI's flagship product and internationally best selling software solution, unites Remote Sensing Image Processing, GIS/Spatial Analysis, Cartography, and Desktop Photogrammetry into a single productive work environment. Supresoft specializes in the development of professional software for spatial systems, geographical information, and remote sensing. Supresoft's IMAGiS 2.2 offers an advanced 3D visualized geographic information system (GIS) based on 3D environment modeling and landscape reconstruction. IMAGiS technology provides true 3D landscape reconstruction that assists GIS users involved with urban planning, environmental protection, and many other GIS intensive disciplines.

"We're placing the strengths of Geomatica, our complete and highly integrated raster oriented geomatics solutions, right beside the advanced GIS spatial data visualization systems developed by Supresoft for IMAGiS 2.2." states Dr. Robert Moses, President and CEO of PCI Geomatics. "It's a great initiative, one that brings the best geomatics answers to more professional clients worldwide."

PCI Geomatics will be welcoming Supresoft Inc executive representatives who will demonstrate IMAGiS 2.2 at the annual PCI Geomatics International Reseller Symposium from August 12th to the 17th in Ottawa, Canada. Supresoft will introduce PCI Geomatics executive representatives and Geomatica software solutions to their customers at the Supresoft Chinese User Conference 2002 this September in Sichuan, China.