ESRI announced that ArcWeb for Developers now includes Geographic Data Technology (GDT) North American street data. With the inclusion of this data source in the ArcWeb for Developers suite of ArcWeb Services, users can easily find routes not only within the United States and Canada but also between the two countries.

The new street data comes from Dynamap/Canada and Dynamap/2000, GDT's street network databases for Canada and the United States, optimized for routing. They include detailed street data along with administrative boundaries, landmarks, water features, and more.

ArcWeb for Developers is a suite of GIS Web services that ESRI offers to developers and is part of ESRI's family of ArcWeb Services. Developers can use it to include GIS content and capabilities in their applications without hosting the data or developing any GIS applications themselves, resulting in significant savings of development time, expense, and computer resources.

ArcWeb for Developers uses XML-based Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to communicate, making it compatible with the majority of Web service frameworks available today.

ArcWeb for Developers enables users to access dynamic maps, determine the locations of street addresses, generate routes and multilingual driving directions between multiple locations, find nearest real-time events, discover information about a location, specify projections, upload user-defined points of interest for geocoding, and more.

Source: ESRI, Feb. 12, 2004