Two companies to collaborate on automatic calibration options for Constellation 3Di.

Arc Second Inc. and Automated Precision Inc announced their intention to jointly develop automated calibration techniques for Constellation 3Di, the world's first proven indoor GPS system with the accuracy, reliability and utility to support large scale metrology.

According to Arc Second's president and CEO, Edward Barrientos, "Many of Constellation 3Di's customers need the ability to trace their measurement systems to primary standards. By combining Constellation 3Di's automatic measurement capabilities with API's world class interferometers, we are able to provide users with the ability to self-calibrate their indoor GPS system continuously."

"API has always been at the leading edge of new technology trends and we are excited to be working with Arc Second on making indoor GPS a reality," commented Dr. Kam Lau, President and CEO of Automated Precision, Inc. "Automatic self-calibration will provide Constellation 3Di with in-use accuracy advantages by neutralizing a variety of environmental factors that typically degrade accuracy in the factory environment."