Eagle Point Announces Release of 2002 Q3 Upgrade

Eagle Point announced the release of its latest upgrade to its series of land development software applications. The 2002 Q3 upgrade includes 78 enhancements in total.

John Biver, President and CEO stated, "The enhancements included in this latest upgrade are a result of our continued focus on not only delivering industry-leading functionality, but also providing the most stable and intuitively designed applications according to the project development processes of our industry."

Usability Enhancements
Numerous enhancements have been added to the system to allow users to further customize the interface to meet their specific working preferences. For example, users can now configure Eagle Point to automatically minimize to the Windows® taskbar upon opening a project. If they choose, users can operate the entire Eagle Point system from completely within the CAD environment. This frees up more space for users accessing Eagle Point commands through the Embedded CAD menus, CAD toolbars or through the command line key-in.

Functional Enhancements
Additionally, Eagle Point has added functionality to further aid productivity. In the Data Collection module, for example, a Query Observation command has been added. Viewing these observations helps users detect errors or observations that need to be corrected, commented, or removed from their data collection job file. Clients can access the complete listing of enhancements by viewing the readme.htm file that is included on the product CD or on Eagle Point's website at http://www.eaglepoint.com .

Free Training Videos
In addition to the enhancements, Eagle Point has added 17 new training videos, each three to five minutes in length, that assist users in learning important topics and procedures of the overall Eagle Point system. Some of the topics included are:

  • setting up projects
  • adding additional drawings and sub-projects
  • creating project prototypes
  • creating node field code libraries, and
  • customizing CAD toolbars to run Eagle Point commands.

These training videos are available free as part of the Eagle Point system.

The newest version is available to new users as well as current Eagle Point clients. Eagle Point VIP clients receive these upgrades automatically as a benefit of their VIP status.