Mapmakers from around the world compete for honors using MicroStation and CADScript from Corporate Montage.

The Northern Territory Geological Survey of Australia took top honors in the first-ever Battle of the Maps 2002, sponsored by Corporate Montage. Companies and agencies from around the world competed in the competition, submitting maps they created using MicroStation and CADScript from Corporate Montage.

"The criteria used for judging ranged from the aesthetic appeal to the number of CADScript functions used to compile and produce each map," said Corporate Montage Sales Director Mark Bright. "Unfortunately, a number of companies were unable to enter the competition, as their data was considered security sensitive in relation to the tragic events of September 11 or considered stock market sensitive."

First-place winner
The winning map from NT Geological Survey was "Urapunga Roper River Special 1:250,000." The map formed part of the NT 2nd Edition Series Mapping Program.

The NT Geological Survey has 12 copies of CADScript and took full advantage of the software features to attain style and design specifications for the map. Features cited include the use of Postscript fonts, Pantone Color Tables, line-weight definition tables, level and table symbology ordering, and placement of EPS images. Corporate Montage’s Quill, a word-processing add-on for MicroStation, was also used for the formatting of legend text.

Runners up
Two runner-up prizes were awarded to the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department and to the Land and Property Information of New South Wales, Australia. A gallery of all contest entries is available at