Leica's latest Version of its imagery viewing and manipulation tool.

Leica Geosystems announces the release of ViewFinder V2.1, a free viewing tool that provides the ability to: display image files; spatially query image files prior to exporting; overlay, smooth, sharpen and enhance imagery; and reproject multiple images on-the-fly; rapidly navigate large imagery data sets; and move imagery from its existing projection system to one of many predefined output datums and projections, creating files in either the IMG or TIFF formats.

ViewFinder 2.1 supports Windows platforms and is available for download at www.erdas.com/login/main.asp.

Loaded with the same functionality as ViewFinder V1.1, the previously released version that provided basic image viewing and manipulation capabilities, the latest ViewFinder release has the following new and enhanced features:

  • Improved initial display speed.
  • Added Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinate display in the Inquire Cursor dialog.
  • Added Brightness and Contrast thumbwheels for quick and easy image enhancement.
  • Ability to copy the contents of the Main View to the Windows clipboard. Data is then easily available for pasting into any application that uses the clipboard. Display of image information such as the number of rows, columns and bands, layer statistics, projection parameters, etc. Provision is also made for building image statistics and pyramid layers.
  • Extended library of U.S. and international projection systems for transformations. Extended range of raster formats are supported, including JPEG (JFIF), ERMapper .ers and generic binary BIL, BIP and BSQ formats.
  • Filtering of files on all raster formats to see all supported images in a directory.
  • Ability to swap quickly between non-stretched and 2 Standard Deviation modes of displaying the images. Easily display separate files as a multi-band True Color image. Some data providers deliver multispectral images as separate files (one band per file). You can now open one of these bands as a True Color image and then use the Band Combinations dialog to add in other bands to the color guns.

ViewFinder 2.1 is ideal for GIS professionals, casual users, data vendors and for those who need to convert imagery from an IMG to a TIFF or GeoTIFF file.