New land surveying software is available.

Traverse PC announced the release of Version 5.0 and a whole new era of land surveying software. Even with multiple contours on a map, it’s very easy to define a border and all the topo points within that border are included. As you position the cursor over a contour line, TPC displays the contour elevation on the status bar. No more tracing the contour back to the nearest label just to get the elevation. While you’re editing topo and border points, you want the contour to regenerate so you can see the affect of your edits. Once you’ve got it the way you want it, TPC draws the contours quickly. There are many ways to delineate which survey points are ground shots (topo points) and which are not (top of fire hydrant, TV riser, etc), one of these is the Topo On/Off in the Quick View. Just right click any point and choose Topo On or Topo Off. TPC regenerates the contours right then, showing you the affect of that point on the contour map.

Sometimes the elevation of a point is wrong because the crew forgot to change the target height. In that case, just right click the point and edit it. TPC opens up the traverse where the point was computed and positions the cursor on the traverse point. All you need to do is enter the correct target height and close the Traverse View. Editing border points is as easy as clicking on a point to include it or exclude it.

You can add breaklines just by clicking from point to point or import them from any existing traverse. You can even select more than one traverse and import them all at once. TPC redraws the contours to show you the affect of the breaklines. Don’t get what you expected? Just click any breakline and it goes away. Breaklines are associated with survey points, not coordinates. So if you need to fix a blunder in your coordinates, don’t worry about your contours – they update automatically.

TPC computes minor and major contour lines separately. Set the line type and color of the major contour lines to make the contour map easier to read. You can also draw the TIN and the interpolated elevations along each triangle edge. You don’t normally show this on the map, but it’s handy for preliminary analysis work. TPC will also draw the breaklines so you can compare the actual grade breaks with the contour lines.

There’s more, such as creating Transects from any series of lines and arcs in the drawing, Cut/Fill Sheets and, of course, get the cut, fill and net volume for any and all contours in a drawing. Not only that, but you can get the volume three different ways 1) to the border, 2) to any elevation or 3) to another contour surface.

Version 5.0 also has smoothing and will allow you rotate your drawing.