The new kit adds new Visual Basic and Java programming capabilities.

PCI Geomatics ( releases its new PCI Software Development Kit. The new kit includes the traditional PACE Toolkit with GeoGateway technology (supporting 100+ spatial data formats) and adds new Visual Basic and Java programming capabilities. The PACE Toolkit, with a collection of over 150 subroutines, provides new and experienced users with the flexibility to customize and communicate with their database, the Geomatica interface, and any supported peripherals they need. The PACE Toolkit allows PCI Geomatics clients to develop their own PACE programs and integrate these directly into the Geomatica software environment.

New to the PCI Geomatics Software Development Kit in this release are EASI for Visual Basic, EASI for Java, and Visual Basic access to Geomatica Focus, the viewer environment for Geomatica. EASI is PCI Geomatics' proven scripting language and the new Visual Basic and Java additions now allow PCI Geomatics' clients to use the same EASI intrinsic functions within Java and Visual Basic environments. Other improvements include HTML documentation, a reorganization of the PACE Developers Toolbox References, and added reference assistance for the PCI Geomatics Generic Database (GDB).

According to Paul Lenson, leader of the Development Environment Team at PCI Geomatics, "The PCI Software Development Kit is an essential reference for developers. It includes important technical programming information, sample code and documentation, and scripting additions. This is the smoothest-working customizable programming and development environment that we have ever developed for PCI Geomatics customers to use."

Geomatica Prime, PCI Geomatics' complete geomatics software solution, includes traditional support for scripting using EASI. The PCI Software Development Kit is an add-on package to Geomatica Prime. PCI Geomatics also offers Customization Services, where PCI Geomatics developers will tailor PCI Geomatics software to meet specific customers' geomatics individual or enterprise software requirements.