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Digital CADD Standards

December 2001
I liked your article. You put into one article what I have been selling and implementing in my company for about a year now. We both have the same amount of engineering/CAD experience, and we also share the same point of view regarding CAD manuals on the shelf. I have used the settings manager to accomplish installing electronic standards, and I have forwarded your article to some of our AutoCAD guys to help sell this concept to other CAD disciplines.

Dean Brady
Las Vegas, Nev.

Editor’s Note

January 2002
It is my opinion that a land surveyor with 15 years of experience in all aspects of surveying is more regularly chosen by clients than the four-year degree surveyor with four years of experience. Over the 15 years of experience, how many hours of his own time do we think he has spent learning new products and techniques? I’ll bet it is equal to the cost of a year’s degree.

I look back now and wish I had gone to school for business management. There is no substitute for real life survey field education. You do not learn in school how to treat a spider bite or snakebite when you are 200 miles away from anywhere. You do not learn in school how to handle a total station in –10 degree winter weather.

I will encourage my children to attend college for an education because the trend is becoming more demanding. The children today will be required to go to college. If they are from a poor family and can’t afford college, are they supposed to work for a restaurant all of their lives and retire on tips? There is no substitute for experience.

What if a person has worked under a 15-year veteran surveyor with his PLS and a four-year degree? Should this person be considered less without a degree?

Chuck Pounds, LSI
Colorado Springs, Colo.

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