Trimble introduces world's first Windows CE device with integrated GPS for mobile GIS applications.

Trimble introduced a breakthrough in Global Positioning System (GPS) and computing technology -- the GeoExplorer CE series, the world's first Windows CE device with integrated GPS. The GeoExplorer CE series is rugged, portable and powerful handheld, setting a new standard for field mapping and mobile Geographic Information System (GIS) applications.

Mobile GIS meets the needs of field inspectors, maintenance teams, utility crews, emergency repair workers, and any field-worker who requires timely access to enterprise GIS data in the field. Mobile GIS integrates GPS technology, portable hardware, and GIS software. To facilitate information to and from the field, these innovative solutions leverage advances in wireless technology and the Internet. With mobile GIS, databases become directly accessible to field-based personnel whenever and wherever information is needed.

GeoExplorer CE Series

Trimble's GeoExplorer CE series are versatile, rugged GPS CE handhelds for the GIS professional. A GPS CE handheld combines the power of Microsoft's Windows CE platform and a high performance Trimble GPS receiver with integrated Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) capability -- all in a lightweight handheld.

The GPS receiver and antenna are integrated in the handheld, making it simple to use GPS in any GIS field application. The GeoExplorer CE series is more than cable-free: it's a totally integrated system.

With the GeoExplorer CE series, the user can select the model that best suits their needs. The GeoXM provides 2-5 meter accuracy. It integrates reliable, real-time corrected GPS into a mobile GIS handheld so users can relocate assets with confidence and fulfill work orders more efficiently. The GeoXT offers all of the features of the GeoXM, plus a submeter receiver and Trimble's unique EVEREST multipath rejection technology. This model is ideal for working in difficult environments such as under canopy, in urban canyons or anywhere high-accuracy data collection and maintenance is required.

The Window's CE platform gives maximum flexibility with software options -- now any mobile GIS or field application software can be selected for use with the GeoExplorer CE handheld. For maximum productivity the user can choose popular GIS field software like Trimble's TerraSync or ESRI's ArcPad with Trimble's GPScorrect software extension, or even use purpose-built field software that meets their niche requirements. Windows CE connectivity also gives the advantage of e-mail, Web browsing and access to Web map servers -- all from the field.

Both models have the processing power and storage capacity to display GIS maps and background graphics files with ease; the large memory means even big graphic files load quickly. Because of the screen's high resolution and full color outdoor display, background GIS data and imagery are always clearly displayed.

Two correction techniques are available with the GeoExplorer CE series: real-time and postprocessing. Real-time correction gives accurate positions while the user is in the field; it is excellent for navigation and relocation of GIS data. GIS professionals can also use postprocessing when the highest possible accuracy is required for their GIS. For the best of both worlds, users can take advantage of Trimble's field and office software solutions, such as the GPS Pathfinder Express on-line correction service or GPS Pathfinder Office software to postprocess GPS data collected in real-time.

The GeoXT is expected to be available in June, and the GeoXM in the third quarter of 2002 through Trimble's Mapping and GIS dealer network.