Respondants answer questions about coverage, usage and cost.

The results are in from our Point of View insurance poll and generally speaking you’re a well-covered bunch. A vast majority of respondents said that they have General Liability, Professional Liability and Risk Management insurance (85 percent). 90 percent said they also carried auto insurance. 75 percent said they carry property insurance, 73 percent carry theft insurance, 60 percent carry fire insurance and only two percent said they had no insurance coverage at all.

It’s a good thing most of you have such good coverage because when it came to actually putting that insurance to the test, 69 percent replied that they had actually had to use it.

Most respondents made their selection of carriers through their own research (83 percent) while only 14 percent utilized a state or national society to help with their decision.

It seems that many of you end up needing to use your insurance at some point so it helps that 66 percent of you believe that your premiums are low or moderate. 33 percent responded that they felt their premiums were high.

Almost all of you who responded were land surveyors (94 percent). 33 percent were land surveyors and engineers while six percent were engineers only.