Topcon Introduces HiPer-GGD With Dual-Constellation Tracking

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., has introduced HiPer-GGD, the world's first fully integrated GPS receiver and antenna featuring Topcon's GPS+ ability. Combined with an optional internal RTK communication system and external field computer, such as the new Topcon FC-1000, the HiPer-GGD becomes the most compact, easiest-to-use, advanced RTK rover system available. It fits neatly to the top of the pole, eliminating the cabling and backpack requirements of older component systems.

GPS+ is Topcon's advanced global positioning technology that allows dual-constellation satellite tracking—GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS—for maximum productivity. Combined with Topcon's advanced signal processing and interference reduction, GPS+ virtually eliminates downtime due to poor satellite coverage or an obstructed sky view.

Other convenient features of the HiPer-GGD include an optional internal UHF (PDL) modem or internal GSM modem; support for an external CDPD or GSM cellular modem; and a four-light interface that displays satellite tracking status, battery strength, radio and recording mode. The HiPer-GGD can store up to 96 MB of data. The user can choose from several optional RTK data update rates up to 20Hz. The internal, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries allow for continuous operation up to 14 hours. An external power source can also be used.