Hilti’s PD 25 Laser Range Meter Combined with Arc Second’s PocketCAD PRO

Hilti has teamed with Arc Second Inc. to create an integrated, handheld resource to conveniently and precisely record “as built” work site conditions. The new resource combines Hilti’sPD 25 Laser Range Meterand Arc Second’sPocketCAD PRO. The PD 25 offers precision and the ability for one individual to easily measure and record all required dimensions. The PD 25 Laser Range Meter measures distances to over 300 ft (100 m) with an accuracy of 1/8 in (3 mm). The PD 25 automatically connects to the PocketCAD PRO, eliminating the need to handwrite figures and the likelihood of overlooking individual measurements. The PD 25 Laser Range Meter can also calculate surface and volume, gauge set out distances, measure to inaccessible points and measure angles and slopes as well as identify and store measured values. (Hilti, Tulsa, Okla.) (Arc Second, Dulles, Va.)