Cyra Technologies Inc. Announced Cyclone v4.0

Cyra Technologies Inc. announced Cyclone v4.0. Cyclone-SURVEY v4.0, a trimmed down, more affordable version of Cyclone-MODEL, has been added specifically for those organizations that focus on civil/survey types of projects. Cyra has also added Cyclone-REGISTER v4.0 as a powerful, standalone module for accurately aligning multiple point clouds together. Also added to Cyclone v4.0 is a true color overlay capability as part of SmartScan Technology for its flagship Cyrax 2500 3D Laser Scanner. SmartScan Technology is a set of features that gives users additional scanning controls and tools to scan sites “intelligently.” Using Cyclone v4.0 and a camera-calibrated Cyrax 2500, a user can overlay the scanner’s true color digital video snapshot on top of the captured 3D point cloud. The resulting image can be viewed in 3D. Cyclone-SURVEY v4.0 contains automatic removal of shrubs and brush, TIN and DTM creation, edge fitting for breaklines, creation of contours, intelligent surface model decimation and Virtual Surveyor. (Cyra, San Ramon, Calif.)