Thales GeoSolutions Released CM-93

Thales GeoSolutionsreleased a new software product to display C-MAP CM-93 electronic nautical chart data within ArcView and ArcGIS. C-MAP CM-93 Viewer for ArcView and ArcGIS provides any ArcView or ArcGIS user with the ability to load and view CM-93/3 electronic nautical chart data as a background layer to any display. Once loaded, the data is treated as a single layer and can be viewed in conjunction with other data layers. As with any ArcView or ArcGIS layer, users can pan and zoom about a view to display the desired detail at any location. C-MAP CM-93 Viewer for ArcView and ArcGIS also lets users turn layers on or off within the CM-93/3 dataset and provides a tool for users to constrain the resolution of the dataset. (Thales GeoSolutions, London, England)