‘SMI Flex GPS’ is an all-new complete RTK GPS solution.

Eagle Point announces ‘SMI Flex GPS’, an all-new complete RTK GPS solution that improves the way surveyors are able to use GPS.

The SMI Flex GPS solution includes hardware, software, and implementation services.

Eagle Point has partnered with NavCom Technology, a John Deere company, to deliver world-class GPS receiver technology. NavCom has been an innovative leader in the GPS industry since 1992. NavCom GPS receivers provide the highest level of accuracy and response available in dual-frequency GPS instruments. NavCom has supplied over 10,000 NavCom GPS units on-board numerous models of John Deere agricultural equipment. This agricultural application of the technology has proven beyond any doubt that the NavCom GPS units are rugged enough for even the most hard-core surveying applications.

The unique SMI field data collection system adds more power to the solution through increased efficiency in the field and by ensuring the accuracy of survey data. SMI allows for the specification of tolerance values that prevent inaccurate measurements from being used. The system can also be set to average measurements to increase accuracy.

Perhaps the biggest key to the SMI Flex GPS solution lies in the technological breakthrough Eagle Point has achieved by enabling clients to dramatically streamline their GPS data collection processes. The SMI software employs a unique method of localization and collection that makes it possible to use the same buttons and functions for GPS as with a total station. Further, if clients encounter a need to integrate total station collection with GPS, they are able to simply select the appropriate instrument driver and continue on their way. It’s really that easy.

Eagle Point also strongly believes that delivering exceptional service is vital to ensuring clients’ success with GPS. As a result, all clients are provided one day of on-site implementation assistance at no additional charge with its solution. Further, one full year of unlimited toll-free technical support is included with the purchase of the SMI Flex GPS solution.

The entire SMI Flex GPS solution, including all hardware, software, and implementation services, is available for only $29,995.00. Interested parties can receive further information by calling 800.234.0123 or by emailing flex@smi.com.