Leica Geosystems Introduced ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6

Leica GeosystemsintroducedERDAS IMAGINE V8.6, featuring a Spectral Analysis tool for hyperspectral image processing, ESRI Geodatabase support and improvements to the IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table (GLT) interface. The geographic imaging software suite offers area frame sampling tools to improve accuracy and decrease cost in the production of large-area land cover estimation and vertical datum support for datasets with height elements. Also with the improved ERDAS IMAGINE release comes upgrades to existing add-on modules including: IMAGINE Vector 8.6, IMAGINE NITF 2.1, IMAGINE VirtualGIS 8.6, IMAGINE OrthoBASE 8.6 and IMAGINE OrthoBASE Pro 8.6. IMAGINE GLT is now standard with ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6 and is available with all ERDAS IMAGINE levels. (Leica Geosystems, Atlanta, Ga.)