More new equipment, supplies, software and services.

Spicer CorporationreleasedViewCaf¿.0featuring enhancements to functionality, performance and the integration API. Powered by Java 2 and Java 3D technology, ViewCaf¿ets users conduct document viewing, markup and collaborative review sessions for over 200 file formats—such as CAD, vector, raster, hybrid and office files including MS Word, Excel and Adobe PDF—through a configurable browser-based interface. ViewCaf¿8217;s introduction of 3D CAD model viewing and manipulation capabilities for IGES, STL, VRML and XGL/ZGL formats make it among the first to offer Java 2-enabled 3D model viewing on the Web in a 100 percent pure Java applet for complete client-side, platform-independent functionality. (Spicer Corporation, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Safe Software Inc. announced the immediate availability of GML 2 support across its entire product line. FME Suite, FME Objects and SpatialDirect software users can now easily move data between GML 2 and more than 100 unique GIS, CAD and database systems. FME Suite users can perform GML 2 translations and sophisticated processing tasks with point-and-click ease. FME Objects (which includes both API and OEM versions) provides a gateway that allows third-party applications to support GML 2 data. SpatialDirect allows organizations to distribute data in GML 2 format over the Internet. (Safe Software, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

GiveMePower Corporation and Advantech Automation Corporation announced an agreement to jointly distribute GiveMePower’s PowerCAD CE mobile CAD solutions on Advantech’s 10.4" MobiPanel Windows CE 3.0 wireless web tablet. The systems being offered deliver full-featured computer-aided design and paperless blueprint processing on a 10.4" high-resolution, ruggedized tablet with optional 802.11b wireless syncing to leading desktop CAD programs such as AutoCAD, MicroStation and GiveMePower’s own PowerCAD Pro and PowerCAD LT+ desktop systems. Three different PowerCAD CE versions feature up to 300 2D and 3D CAD functions, redlining and freehand sketching, round-trip support for industry standard AutoCAD file formats, LISP and C/C++ programming and exclusive VoiceNOTE audio note keeping and collaboration technology, eliminating the need for time-consuming text markup. Able to operate up to six hours on a single charge, the MobiPanel features an Intel StrongArm 206Mhz CPU with 128 MB SDRAM and 32 MB flash ROM, Windows CE 3.0, magnesium housing and internal shock absorbing able to withstand a 3 foot drop and -10¿C to 50¿C spill and dust-resistant operation. (GiveMePower, Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (Advantech, Cincinnati, Ohio)

DMTI Spatial released CanMap Streetfiles V6.2, CanMap RouteLogistics V6.2, and CanMap Rail V1.1. CanMap Streetfiles V6.2 is the mapping base for DMTI Spatial’s suite of data and geocoding products. CanMap Rail V1.1 continues to be Canada’s only nationwide 1:50,000 scale precision-based railway line data. New features of CanMapRail V1.1 include Canada/U.S. border attribution that provides US rail owner/operator, railway station of entry and state that the railway segment enters. CanMap RouteLogistics generates address-based optimal routes, presentation quality maps and “real street” driving directions. (DMTI Spatial, Markham, Ontario, Canada)

Wind2 Software Inc. released Wind2 Award Web Edition, a fully web-based client relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software product designed specifically for enterprise-wide deployment by professional services organizations (PSOs). Award Web Edition ensures that employees have access to important client, opportunity, staff and project experience information by allowing them to build a client-centric sales and marketing program across the organization.

Ballantine & Company Inc. released four new desktop software products designed to meet the information management needs of architects, engineers, contractors, project managers and other business professionals at small- to medium-sized businesses. Two of the products feature data sharing with QuickBooks 2002 products, making it easy for business professionals to manage information with popular business applications. Smart Tools Contact Manager software makes it easy to create, organize and retrieve contact and project information. It features easy data sharing with Intuit's QuickBooks 2002 Products. Smart Tools Project Manager software is an easy-to-use alternative to Microsoft Project. It lets users quickly generate Gantt charts and allows easy data sharing with Intuit's QuickBooks 2002 products. QuickAssist 2.5 is the latest version of Ballantine’s popular contact management and communications software. It integrates the communications tools used every day by project managers—contact lists, fax, email, memos, letters and mailing labels. QuickGantt 4.0 is the upgrade of Ballantine’s project management software, considered the best alternative to complex and expensive project software like Microsoft Project. (Ballantine & Co., Carlisle, Mass.)

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced the availability of GeoMedia WebMap 5.0 with enhancements that include improved display, performance and spatial analysis. GeoMedia WebMap is a Web-based map visualization solution that offers real-time links to GIS data warehouses for exploiting an organization’s valuable geospatial data when it is needed. Based on GeoMedia technology, GeoMedia WebMap offers an efficient way to maximize the distribution of essential enterprise information by making it available on the Internet or an intranet. GeoMedia Web mapping technology provides a way to spatially enable geospatial infrastructure management systems and distribute the data over the Web. Key highlights and capabilities of GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Professional 5.0 include: JmapView, a Java applet providing an alternative client-side vector map display technology that can be used in place of requiring a download of a large control or plug-in; OGC WMS, GeoMedia WebMap, based on the standard initiatives of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC), that delivers an adapter kit that easily builds an OGC Web map server (WMS) site; display and performance enhancements; additional spatial analysis capabilities; and dynamic segmentation and linear analysis. (Intergraph, Huntsville, Ala.)

SOKKIA Corporation has teamed with Panasonic Computer Solutions Company to create a GPS option for Panasonic’s handheld PC, the Toughbook 01. To accommodate the GPS option, the Toughbook leaves the CF card slot unencumbered so large amounts of GIS data and other spatial information can be hosted on the device. The accuracy of SOKKIA’s GPS product is further enhanced by integrating free, real-time corrections through the WAAS network (Wide Area Augmentation System). The Toughbook 01 is ideal for enabling mapping applications for the GIS professional such as environmental, construction, forestry, homeland security and facility and land management industries. Users can view and edit maps, relate database and spreadsheet data to spatial features, and much more. With its light, one-pound design, the wireless Toughbook 01 is ready for the open road. Aptly named, the Toughbook stands up to a number of environmental conditions such as moisture, dust and shock. And its 3.5” transreflective, color LCD with Touchscreen and Frontlight provides high visibility day or night. (SOKKIA, Olathe, Kan.)

Stahlco introduced a transit-positioning device for use with a Manhole Mount. The Stahlco PMD-0731, positioning mounting device (U.S. patent pending) is made up of two main components. First the mounting plate assembly allows you to mount an optical instrument either with the adapter threaded collar or the 'plumb-bob' adapter (not furnished), giving a versatile option. The mounting plate rotates left or right and can be locked into place. The mounting plate will travel inward/outward in fine fraction-of-an-inch increments, allowing you to get on your mark quickly and precisely. The inward/outward movement can also be locked into position. The locking devices will not cause a 'memory groove’ as there is no metal on metal contact. Second, the stabilizing arm assembly, which supports the horizontal arm and allows exact leveling of the mounting plate. The support arm will still allow the horizontal arm and mounting plate assembly to be rotated 360 degrees left or right, on the vertical arm. The support arm can also be locked into position on the vertical tube to prevent any rotation. This locking device also will not cause a ‘memory groove.’ (Stahlco, Bozeman, Mont.)