CAiCE Releases Visual Survey Software Version 9.1

As part of a cooperative development agreement, CAiCE Software Corporation announced that they have completed integration of a software interface to seamlessly connect Trimble's survey systems and CAiCE’s Visual Survey Software. The interface will be made available as part of CAiCE’s Visual Survey Software 9.1 version scheduled for a September 15 release.

By combining the Trimble interface with CAiCE's Visual Survey Software, users can now directly import and export survey data to and from the Trimble Survey Controller software to Visual Survey Software ensuring total compatibility of data files between the two systems. By eliminating the need to translate or convert data, Trimble and CAiCE provide surveyors and civil engineers a seamless solution to integrate data, saving time and eliminating the loss or corruption of data.

The new integration capabilities allow mutual CAiCE and Trimble users to:

  • Import job data from Trimble's TSC1? TSCe?or ACU controllers running the Trimble Survey Controller software, PC Card, or Geodimeter 600/Trimble Geodimeter Control Unit directly into the CAiCE database using the Trimble interface.
  • Export complete or partial road definitions (horizontal alignments, vertical alignments and cross section data) for upload to the Trimble Survey Controller software.
  • Export a CAiCE DTM surface as a triangle model to the Trimble Survey Controller software.
  • Export a CAiCE feature table as a feature code library to the Trimble Survey Controller software.
  • Create a point file for upload to the Trimble Survey Controller software or Geodimeter 600/Trimble Geodimeter Control Unit.

The objective of the software development agreement was to provide CAiCE and Trimble users a streamlined methodology for data collection import, processing, and subsequent export for staking purposes. By minimizing the number of steps in these processes, both ease of use and survey data integrity are greatly increased. The software development demonstrates CAiCE’s and Trimble’s ongoing commitment to offer surveyors and civil engineers seamless integration with their current systems and complete compatibility with accepted industry leading survey systems.

CAiCE Software Corporation specializes in providing advanced software solutions for survey, civil design, construction and drainage applications and is currently being used by numerous State Departments of Transportation for highway design.