Remarkable detail illustrates sites one year after September 11th.

This 60-centimeter natural color image of Manhattan was collected by QuickBird on August 2, 2002.
DigitalGlobe announced the availability of QuickBird satellite images revealing the progress of clean-up activities and restoration of the World Trade Center and Pentagon one year after the September 11 attacks.

Unsurpassed in detail, DigitalGlobe photos are the highest resolution commercial satellite images in the world. Among the most notable details in the Pentagon image are the windows and sides of the inner rings of the Pentagon, as well as the building's front entrance. The high resolution of the image also clearly illustrates repairs being made to the Pentagon, in addition to construction equipment in the restoration area. In the World Trade Center image, tracks in the dirt left by clean-up vehicles are visible, and individual trees can be counted across the street from Ground Zero. Road markings and cars in parking lots and on the highways are clearly distinguishable in both images.

DigitalGlobe will be hosting images of the World Trade Center and Pentagon between now and September 18. The images will be available in a special gallery on DigitalGlobe's Web site: Media interested in using these images may download them for free and must provide attribution to DigitalGlobe.

QuickBird images have a resolution of 60 centimeters, the highest detail available in any commercial satellite imagery in the world.