Thales GeoSolutions announced the release of a new software product to display C-MAP CM-93 electronic nautical chart data within ArcView and ArcGIS. The product, called ‘C-MAP CM-93 Viewer for ArcView and ArcGIS’, is sold as a software extension and integrates one of the world’s most comprehensive worldwide vector chart databases, the C-MAP CM-93 database, with the world’s most popular desktop GIS applications, ArcView and ArcGIS, by ESRI.

C-MAP CM-93 Viewer provides any ArcView or ArcGIS user with the ability to load and view CM-93/3 electronic nautical chart data as a background layer to any display. Once loaded, the data is treated as a single layer and can be viewed in conjunction with other data layers. As with any ArcView or ArcGIS layer, users can pan and zoom about a view to display the desired detail at any location. C-MAP CM-93 Viewer for ArcView and ArcGIS also lets users turn layers on or off within the CM-93/3 dataset and provides a tool for users to constrain the resolution of the dataset.

The CM-93/3 database was designed specifically for ECDIS purposes and meets international electronic chart display standards. The worldwide chart database is continuously updated and is divided into nine zones, with each zone divided into a number of smaller areas. It can be purchased in its entirety by zone or area. It is available as a one-time purchase or through an annual subscription from either C-MAP or Thales GeoSolutions (Pacific) Inc., an authorised C-MAP dealer.

C-MAP CM-93 Viewer for ArcView and ArcGIS is available from Thales GeoSolutions. As an extension, it adds functionality to either ArcView GIS 3.x or ArcGIS 8.x.