Intergraph's geoSpatial infrastructure management solution saves city time by integrating public works data and spatial information.

Intergraph Mapping and GIS Solutions announced that the City of DeKalb, Ill., Public Works Department, has chosen Intergraph's GeoMedia-Hansen Interface to complete its geospatial infrastructure environment. With the GeoMedia-Hansen Interface, DeKalb has an integrated environment for its spatial and asset data that enables the public works staff to relate tabular information in the department's Hansen system to its spatial location using GeoMedia technology. With constant upgrades to the water and sewer systems in their city of 40,000, the ability to link graphic elements in GeoMedia Professional to the database records they currently have in the Hansen system will assist water repair crews to receive and deliver accurate information. Tighter integration of asset data led to streamlined workflows, which translated into quicker response time to customer requests and issues.

Prior to implementing Intergraph's GeoMedia-Hansen Interface, the city used the technology of both Intergraph and Hansen Information Technologies for more than 10 years. City staff can now easily switch between the map-based display in GeoMedia Professional and the detailed asset records in Hansen. The resulting visualization means that assets can be more efficiently identified and grouped. For example, city water repair crews can easily determine which Hansen database record corresponds to a map feature. The technology also enables users to spatially access work orders, customer service requests, and asset groups.

Using the software's bi-directional interface, city staff can manage both the attribute and spatial components of water, wastewater, storm water, and other asset systems, regardless of which product - GeoMedia or Hansen V7.5 - is open on their desktop.

Kim Williams, IT director of the Public Works Department, Information and Technology Division, for DeKalb says the GeoMedia-Hansen Interface is the operational boost the city has needed because it has enabled spatial information to be truly useful in infrastructure management workflows and analysis.

DeKalb also chose Intergraph's Mapping and GIS Solutions implementation services to ensure a quick and successful deployment. "We made more progress on the city's entire mapping system in one week using Intergraph's project team than we ever believed possible," said Williams. "At first, we were going to try to get started on our own; however, Intergraph professionals understood the unique requirements of public works infrastructure so we decided to secure Intergraph's start-up services. It was one of the best decisions we could have made."