Leica Geosystems Introduces Pocketcad Interface For DISTO

Leica Geosystems announced a new software module for interfacing the DISTO Pro4 professional handheld laser measuring tool with the PocketCAD PRO 4.0 mobile CAD software package.

The new DISTO Add-In module permits laser distance measurements to be fed directly into the PocketCAD software running on a Pocket PC or other mobile device.

The DISTO Add-In link allows the DISTO Pro4 to drive any command in PocketCAD that requires a distance measurement. Drawing objects, such as lines, circles and polylines, can be created easily using the distance measurements imported directly from the DISTO Pro4. Because the link is real-time, the DISTO’s math functions can be used to add and subtract distances with the result driving PocketCAD functions.

Leica Geosystems sells the Add-In software module as an optional accessory with the DISTO Pro4 products, according to Wolf.

The DISTO Pro4 is a powerful handheld tool that uses precise laser beams to take distance measurements with accuracy up to ±1.5 mm (1/16 in), indoors or outdoors, at ranges up to 100 meters (330 ft).