Latest release delivers market-driven enhancements for Java-2 powered enterprise-wide viewing and markup.

Spicer Corporation, a world leader in developing Java-2 powered thin client viewing and markup software, announced the release of ViewCafe 3.0, featuring market-driven enhancements to functionality, performance, and the integration API.

New features in ViewCafe 3.0 include:

  • Flexible Deployment - System administrators can chose to set up ViewCafe as an applet within a browser, or as a standalone, platform-independent viewing and markup application.
  • Integration Enhancements - New API commands, Java methods, properties, and HTML parameters give integrators more control over ViewCafe functionality and user interface appearance.
  • Greater File Format Support - ViewCafe 3.0 adds viewing and markup capabilities for Lizardtech's MrSID format and JPEG 2000.
  • Productivity-Enhancing Menu Commands - Take full advantage of useful new functions such as opening document and markup files from a local hard disk, renaming markup objects, event viewing, and right-mouse button navigation functions.
  • New Enterprise Licensing Model - ViewCafe's Enterprise Licensing lets service providers negotiate licensing terms with Spicer Corporation and offer ViewCafe to an unlimited number of users.

      With an enterprise-wide collaborative review tool such as ViewCafe, organizations can expect to reap significant business process benefits. ViewCafe's intuitive user interface can help technical and non-technical users to quickly and efficiently review the most recent version of important documents. This can result in faster and more effective product design, more efficient supply chain procurement, reduced production costs, and accelerated manufacturing.

      Powered by Java 2 and Java 3D technology, ViewCafe lets users conduct document viewing, markup, and collaborative review sessions for over 200 file formats-such as CAD, vector, raster, hybrid and office files including MS Word, Excel and Adobe PDF- through an easy-to-use and configurable browser-based interface. Recently, ViewCafe introduced 3D CAD model viewing and manipulation capabilities for IGES, STL, VRML, and XGL/ZGL formats - making it among the first to offer Java 2-enabled 3D model viewing on the Web in a 100 percent pure Java applet for complete client-side, platform-independent functionality.

      ViewCafe is interoperable with other Spicer Enterprise Viewing Solutions, and can display markups created in Spicer and Image aoX. This interoperability gives IS managers the flexibility to deploy a combination of Spicer viewing products that best meets the specific needs of each user while carefully considering such critical issues as functionality, budgets, and security.

      To try the ViewCafe online demonstration, and to learn more about ViewCafe and other Spicer Enterprise Viewing Solutions, visit the Spicer Web site at