SOKKIA adds the Triax MP40 multipurpose level, the C410 automatic level and the Triax EL40 HV laser level to its laser lineup.

SOKKIA Offers More Range and Versatility with the Triax EL40 HV Laser Level

Sokkia has added the Triax EL40 HV Laser Level to its line of high-quality, affordable instruments. With an impressive 10 percent self-leveling range, the EL40 HV brings more power, durability and versatility to the work site. It offers two modes of operation: automatically level horizontally or manually level vertically.

The Triax EL40 HV is ideal for outside applications such as footings, slab work and leveling. It can even be used for manual machine control (360 degrees or 180 degrees receivers for visual grade control). Plus, with its vertical manual leveling capability, the EL40 HV is equally useful indoors for flooring, partitioning and squaring jobs.

Other notable features include: a.) impressive power life --160 hours with alkaline batteries; b.) a versatile detector with front and back displays and audible on-grade signal; c.) a spot beam for manual, 90-degree setup; d.) fast setup in automatic horizontal mode; and e.) automatic out-of-level cutoff if disturbed, due to Triax's unique "Tilt" function.

Introducing Sokkia’s C410 Automatic Level: Built for builders.

Sokkia has added a new automatic level to its line of high-quality, affordable instruments. The C410, which features Sokkia’s famed optical technology and a 20X magnification, is tailored to meet the specific needs of builders. It’s ideal for construction tasks such as establishing foundation, floor and sill levels, or determining grades of lots and driveways. The C410 is compact and lightweight, making it very portable. Plus, it’s built to withstand the harsh conditions of the construction site, such as rough handling, rain, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures.

The C410 offers excellent accuracy, with a 2.5mm standard deviation for 1 km double-run leveling. Its reliable compensator with magnetic damping system ensure precise, stabile readings along the horizontal line of site, regardless of rapidly changing weather conditions, vibration or shock. Setup is fast and easy, too, even on angled, uneven surfaces. And the C410 is also quite versatile. It’s equipped to measure horizontal angles and to estimate distance.

SOKKIA Adds the Triax MP40 to its Laser Lineup

Sokkia also announced the addition of the Triax MP40 Multi-Purpose Laser to its line of high-quality, affordable instruments. The MP40 substantially enhances the ease and accuracy of indoor and outdoor leveling jobs. With its automatic horizontal and vertical self-leveling capabilities and a 10 percent leveling range, this instrument is ideal for construction and building applications, such as ceilings, partitioning (right-angle layout included), flooring, framing and tiling.

The versatile MP40 offers three modes of operation: detector/remote control, scanning and chalk line. In detector mode, the MP40’s will automatically level in both horizontal and vertical directions. When visibility in bright areas is a problem, the MP40’s regular scanning mode comes in handy. And for easy, short-range, interior jobs, users can switch to the MP40’s chalk-line mode. An additional benefit to the MP40 is the combined detector/remote. Users can control placement of the spot beam remotely, or switch to scanning mode without ever touching the instrument.

Other notable features include: a.) an easy-to-read detector that front and back displays with audible on-grade signal; b.) fast, automatic setup; c.) a rotating head that stops for spot beam or chalk line; d.) impressive power life -- 160 hours on alkaline batteries; e.) automatic out-of-level cutoff if disturbed, due to Triax’s unique “Tilt” function; and f.) high-vibration tolerance.