DeLorme's New Satellite Imagery Now Available Nationwide

DeLorme, a leading innovator in digital mapping and location technologies, announced the nationwide coverage of its Sat 10 satellite imagery. Through a unique license with SPOT Image, DeLorme is offering a seamless mosaic of 10-meter colorized satellite imagery at a ground-breaking price of only $99 per state or region. Designed to work with the new XMap 3.5 engine, the recent imagery offers an updated view of the continental U.S., and an easy way to update older map data, create presentation pieces, or conduct preliminary site assessment.

View New Satellite Imagery and Old Quads Side by Side
The Sat 10 data is a perfect companion to the 3-D TopoQuads dataset (a seamless compilation of the USGS 7.5 minute quad maps). Though the quad maps are an industry standard, the average map is over 20 years old, whereas the Sat 10 imagery averages just two years old. With Sat 10 and XMap 3.5's split screen functionality, the old quads and new satellite imagery can be linked and displayed simultaneously. New roads and developments are visible on the Sat 10 data, and can be traced using the flexible annotation tools. The annotations are simultaneously visible on the older quad maps, and can be saved as a permanent layer of updates. Land use patterns are also clearly visible on the natural color imagery; users can easily differentiate between vegetation types and land coverage patterns.

Compatible with a Variety of Tools and Datasets
The Sat 10 data library is one of several datasets optimized for use with the XMap 3.5 engine. Other datasets include 3-D TopoQuads, Topo USA (a nationwide vector topographic dataset) and the DOQs (seamless one-meter aerial photography from the USGS). The XMap 3.5 engine offers a variety of advanced mapping tools and functionality:

  • Advanced annotation tools, including coordinate geometry input
  • Compatibility with standard file types: .dxf, .shp, and a variety of text file formats
  • GPS compatibility with any NMEA 2.0 receiver: upload, download, or track in real time
  • 3-D engine, complete with elevation model, shaded relief, and profiling tools
  • Multiple coordinate systems and datums including latitude/longitude, state plane, military grid, and UTM coordinate systems, and both WGS 84 and NAD 27 datums
  • Multiple print options, including large format, mural, 3-D, and profile
  • Optional Image Registration module for easy rectification of any image
  • Optional Map Export module allows raster USGS quad data to be exported as GeoTIFF

Pricing and Availability
The Sat 10 satellite imagery is available immediately direct from DeLorme, for a cost of $99 per state or region per licensed user. Through the end of September, the XMap 3.5 engine, a $149 value, is available free with the purchase of Sat 10 data. XMap 3.5 and Sat 10 data run on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP, or NT 4.0 Service Pack 4 or later. For additional information call (207) 846-7025 or visit the DeLorme Web site at