Constellation3Di offers alternative to laser trackers, videogrammetry and measurement arms for measuring, inspecting, modeling and tracking.

Arc Second Inc., the leading provider of 3D-Intelligence products, announced that it is unveiling Constellation3Di at the Coordinate Measurement Systems Committee (CMSC) 2002 Conference which will be held at the Providence-Warwick Hotel in Warwick, RI from July 15 to July 19.

Constellation3Di, which was developed utilizing Arc Second’s proprietary 3D-Intelligence technology, is the first proven indoor GPS system with the accuracy, reliability, and utility to support large scale metrology. Using signals from transmitters that emit infrared light, small receivers can calculate xyz coordinates independently. Therefore, like GPS, the number of receivers in a single workspace is unlimited. Uses include the measurement and inspection of large tooling, sub-assemblies and infrastructure in the aerospace, automotive, rail, and shipbuilding industries. Constellation3Di is providing facility owners, metrologists, toolmakers and other users of accurate coordinate data with unparalleled flexibility in collecting critical metrology data.

Arc Second will be demonstrating the Constellation3Di system during the entire CMSC 2002 Conference. Additionally, Thomas Hedges, Vice President of Engineering and Technology for Arc Second, is scheduled to present a paper titled “Constellation3Di : Indoor GPS for Metrology” which will introduce the technology, its error sources, and its applicability to indoor metrology problems.